Natural Health – Six Simple Steps to Sensible Holiday Eating

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Even health-conscious “foodies” face temptation to eat crummy over the holidays.


Holidays are the best excuse to eat delicious foods that are bad for us, and in excessive amounts!

Listed below are six steps to sensible eating over the holidays so you can:

— feel good
— stay chemically balanced
— maintain your weight
— have a good time
— keep a positive attitude
— enter the new year with good self esteem

1). Eat before you are hungry.Interesting concept ~ and it works! Especially when you have social affairs to attend. Eat before you get there.

2). Think of yourself as a person who eats well.

You may have to fake this one, but remember, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined, so think this anyway – even if you don’t believe it’s true!

3). If you are full, stop eating.

This is actually very hard to do because the good ‘bad’ things have addictive components that drive us back to them. So, just bring your conscious awareness to it – that will make it easier to stop.

4). Eat lotsa little portions.

Allow yourself to keep going back for more food, but teeny amounts. It’s another one of those things that will trick your triggers into not triggering you!

5). Practice declining foods you don’t want to eat that are offered to you.This is a toughy too. It’s the social pressure thing. Plan your excuse before you go to your holiday gatherings. To stay empowered on this one don’t give an excuse that will make people feel sorry for you, like “I’m dieting”, or “I’m allergic to sugar and wheat.” Just say a confident “No, Thank You.”

6). Think of what motivates you to eat better.

It’s that ‘vision board’ on your mind screen. How you want to look. How you want to feel. The clothes you like to wear. The health you want to embody.

Holistic Health Diplomas in America

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Natural Health – Best Kept Secret For Common Colds and Flu

The expression “There is no cure for the common cold!” is a popular phrase because most colds and flus are viral infections; they are not bacterial infections. Antibiotics work only on bacterial infections. Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections. And antibiotics are really the only arsenal that conventional medicine has for infections. (Well there are a few anti-viral meds that are extremely toxic to the liver and thank goodness docs don’t prescribe frequently).

So consequently, the expression “There is no cure for the common cold” has become a popular *meme.

(*Definition of meme = phrase used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person – like a virus – ha ha!)

If a cure were to indicate healing of the problem and an eradication of symptoms, then medicine has yet to discover the best kept secret (that many of you know!) which is right under their nose (literally).Essential Oils.

Essential oils come from a variety of plants that have many amazing healing properties which include naturally fighting viruses.

My intention here is to write only about ‘therapeutic grade essential oils, not perfume grade oils that you mostly find in stores and also promoted through the English Model of Aromatherapy).

When used, essential oils create an environment where pathogenic organisms like viruses, fungus and other bad bacteria and flu-bugs (yes, maybe even the swine flu) cannot survive.

If you already know about using essential oils for keeping your immune system up and protecting you against infection, then I am here to tell you that you are an extremely empowered and fortunate individual who has a gift of this special knowledge. And if you have access to an excellent resource of essential oils – then you are in a better position than millions of other people who have to rely an unfortunate false belief that there is “no cure for the common cold”.

In my humble opinion the best essential oils that you can get on this earth are Young Living Essential Oils.

I personally have had the experience of having the flu that the YL oils have helped and I’ve also had experiences with other stubborn viruses (like Shingles) and have used Young Living Oils which stopped a painful flare-up (within 24 hours). Ravensara is what I used for my shingles – and I was so excited to hear a world authority in therapeutic aromatherapy Kurt Schnaubelt present on stage last week at the YLEO 2009 Convention that ravensara is indicated for shingles!There is tremendous fear about the oncoming flu season – and so many questions about the Swine Flu – if it is as bad as they are saying – and even questions about the side effects of the vaccination (which personally I would never take).

If you are armed with an array of the Young Living Essential Oils, and take other natural preventative measures to keep your immune system strong – then you have ownership of the best kept secret to fight colds and the flu.

Here’s to a healthy winter season free of colds and flu!