Natural Health Tips For “Intention Deficit Disorder”

Are you someone who starts doing something and then goes on to another thing, then another, without completing anything you’ve started? (kinda like “disorganized multi-tasking”)

When we find ourselves jumping from one thing to another without completing anything, a little voice comes in and says “oh my! I must have adult Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.)!”

We don’t give credit to the fact that there is plenty of reason why we feel scattered, because there is:

— sooo much to do
— sooo many responsibilities
— sooo little time in which to do thingsThe overwhelm can sendya spinnin’!

Consider this.

It might not be that you are lacking in your attention to matters, it might just be that you are lacking in intention.

When we feel overwhelmed with responsibility and a long “to-do” list, it’s easy to just want to get through the day and nothing more.

Not having meaning or intention connected to daily tasks can set the stage for scattered and unfocused activity.

Making a conscious intention for everything we do is a great way to counteract what we think might be A.D.D.

For example, fixing a meal for yourself and family. An intention would be “to nourish and feed the body”.

But it’s not always easy having enough focused awareness to make an intention for each activity.

Here are some steps to create focused awareness in your life:

— ground the physical body to the earth – a simple bouncing up and down on the heels can do that

— create conscious reminders next to each item on your “to-do” list with the intention and purpose behind each task

— make each thought a prayer, an active intention (not a beseeching prayer) until it becomes a habitThere are actually a few (YL) essential oils that can help with this too:

— Valor
— Grounding
— Clarity
— Frankincense

Want a powerful experience to help you overcome I.D.D.?

Use one or more of these essential oils daily, applying them in the morning as you state your conscious intent and prayer for the day.

Essential oils can amplify intention and prayer.

Try putting these on along with your socks and shoes, state your intentions, connect with the meaning of each item on your agenda, and have a focused, smooth, and productive day!

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Natural Health – Make Your Skin Spa-rkle For the Fourth

Skin, hidden for months under winter clothing, officially becomes exposed on July 4th weekend.

A great way to prepare the skin for this annual unveiling is with a body scrub.

Body scrubs make your skin sparkly clean. They help exfoliate the dead skin cells and allow fresh new skin cells to surface. New skin cells have a vibrant glow compared to dead cells.

There are tons of commercial scrubs available, but why bother to shop? It’s so easy to whip up your own scrub from what’s in your kitchen cabinets already.Here’s an easy scrub to make:

–Olive Oil 1/2 cup
–Fine Sea Salt 1/2 cup
–Lavender Essential Oil 10 drops (or other of your favorite essential oil(s)

-Mix together, and place in clean dry jar.
-Use this after you bathe or shower (but stay in tub/shower to rinse off).
-Place small amount in your hand.
-Gently scrub in circular motion on skin.
-Scrub entire body. Be gentle on, or avoid, sensitive areas.
-Be careful stepping out of tub/shower, it may be slippery from the oil.
-Pat dry with bath towel.

Not only will this mini massage trigger the body’s natural healing process by stimulating the flow of blood and lymph fluid, the aromas also act upon the emotional center in the brain which governs the way we feel. As the oils evaporate they are inhaled, thus entering the body via the millions of sensitive cells that line the nasal passages. These send messages straight to the brain, and affect the emotions by working on the limbic system, which also controls the major functions of the body. So, by scrubbing your body you are also creating an aromatherapy treatment. Thus, the essential oils are able to enhance both your physical and psychological well being at the same time.Each oil has a distinct chemical composition, which determines its fragrance and determines the ways in which it affects your body giving each oil its unique set of beneficial properties. Lavender comes from the word “lavare” meaning to wash. It was one of the most favored oils used by the Romans in their daily bathing rituals. It helps balance your emotions.